• Ingrid Tveten
  • Farid Aligolzadeh

can be contacted:

for communication and signup to practice and matches:

We are a collaboration between NTNU-BIL and Sintef-BIL.

We have 2 teams competing in the league for companies (bedriftserien).
Season 2022/2023 we are in 1st division (team 1) and 3rd division (team 2).

Matches are being played in Ranheimshallen while practices are held at Dragvoll Idrettsenter.


Thursdays 19:00-20:30 

at Dragvoll Idrettssenter Hall A

We practice indoors at Dragvoll Idrettssenter from August until May.

We need more players, so if you are interested contact us on e-mail, or just meet up at practice! There are no try-outs. Everyone is welcome!

To attend practice you need to pay the SIT entrance fee.


We compete in bedriftsserien.

Match list and practice you find in spond where you can also sign up to join.
Results from bedriftsserien.


In the summer we play beach-volleyball for fun, usually in Dødens dal but also other places like Ila, Sverresborg and Finalebanen.

See map below for beach volley court opportunities in Trondheim.


We also arrange a few social activities throughout the year and we have quite an active, social and international group.